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John Lehr
Reviewer #1
John Lehr, Gibberish, 2010

This is a clean, well-lit show of mostly clean, mostly well lit scenes. Although locations are unidentified, most seem to be taken in a suburban seaside small town. All the photographs are tightly cropped and we see only store windows and facades. In some windows there are letters and signs, in others, just sunlit shades. The images are not ironic to any great extent; rather the artist seems to be concerned with more formal questions, particularly about color. Almost all the pictures have large areas of white, notoriously the hardest part of a color photograph to print convincingly, and all come through without flying color casts.

A little opaque however, is exactly what the photographer is getting at. The title, STET, is the term used by proofreaders to tell the typesetter to ignore a previous change in a text. How it relates to these pictures is unclear. One sign has a serious misspelling, but this editor found no others, and many of the scenes had no text at all.

 by unidentified photographer.
John Lehr, Neon Rose, 2010

Following a long tradition of word, sign and wall photography, John Lehr has a good eye and impressive technical chops, (not to mention an MFA from Yale). It would be heartening if this show is the first sign of a larger, more cohesive project.

John Lehr

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