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Lynn Goldsmith
Blame it on the Fragrance
Lynn Goldsmith
The Looking Glass
Lynn Goldsmith, “Tea Cup Dream” 2000-2010

In Lynn Goldsmith’s latest photographic work, The Looking Glass, she steps away from the rock and roll portraiture she is better known for and focuses the camera on herself. By creating and placing self-portraits in elaborate and fanciful settings, she

re-imagines each scene as extensions of the complexity of personality. The photographer delves into the duality that the viewer herself faces on seeing these images, what is fantasy and what is reality?

Goldsmith’s technique is what sets these photographs apart. She puts herself in opulent costume to match heavily detailed and lavish scenes she has found in storefront windows. She then digitally drapes herself onto and among the mannequins in the scenes. Most are very successful, with magnificent colors and entrenched with details. In “Tea Cup Dreams” she lies asleep with a teacup in hand, surrounded by rich tapestries, patterned wallpaper, and decorative furnishings. In one corner a pair of dogs look onto the scene, while in another a clown cajoles her with a plate of snacks. In “Blame it on the Fragrance,” she becomes four different figures dressed in the style of French Aristocracy in the time of Marie Antoinette, set in a parlor game, with sinister mischief afoot.

Lynn Goldsmith’s cleverness in photography and in creating scenes that seem to be taken right out of a Hollywood film still or nursery rhyme, invests each picture with a rich ambiguity; what is reality and what is merely perceived as such. Whether Lynn Goldsmith takes on the body image of a man, a woman, or a figure from a fable, her photographs are filled with whimsy, daydreams and a bit of menace.

 by unidentified photographer.
Lynn Goldsmith, “Blame it on the Fragrance” 2000-2010

Lynn Goldsmith
The Looking Glass

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