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Jessica Backhaus
I Wanted to See the World
Jessica Backhaus
I Wanted to See the World
Jessica Backhaus, “Apple (2007)”

I Wanted To See The World is the name of Ms. Backhaus’ latest book and the name of the 10-year retrospective currently on view at Laurence Miller Gallery. The 50 photographs on display all come from her 4 published books, Jesus and the Cherries, What Still Remains, One Day in November and I Wanted to See the World. Ms. Backhaus’ photographs depict everyday objects and portraits in that very contemporary style best exemplified by Wolfgang Tillmans that I usually call Ordinary Significance. The random detritus and minutiae of the everyday world are depicted and imbued with a visual and emotional standing that is beyond their subject. This technique does not always work as evidenced these days by the slew of young, tech savvy but visually naive photographers that seem to multiply exponentially on the web these days. To her credit, Ms. Backhaus pulls off this technique masterfully. Her use of color and composition fills each photograph with a sense of wonder. Her photographs verge on the spiritual and you can feel the reverential echoes of the old heliography school of photography as exemplified by Minor White, Frederick Sommer and Paul Caponigro. Caponigro’s “Apple, New York City (1964) “ could easily be the precursor to Ms. Backhaus’ worn out and discarded, “Apple (2007).”

 by Paul Caponigro. Source:
Paul Caponigro, “Apple, New York City (1964)”

Jessica Backhaus
I Wanted to See the World

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