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Andreas Gehrke
Andreas Gehrke

Exploring concepts of “environmental transformations,” Andreas Gehrke’s first solo show in New York takes an ambitious stab at a common theme.

Photographed in varying locations, most of the images on exhibit are set in Europe; Gherke examines the human manipulations pressed onto the rural landscapes. Not new territory for subject matter, but in this case, Gehrke uses a subtle hand to inform the viewer of his intent. In some images, perhaps too subtle, but in others the measure is better tempered. While Gehrke takes a strong conviction in the artist statement, expressing his subjects as “forced development and commercial exploitation in the natural world,” it would may have been more compelling to see imagery that could match the strength of those words.

What is conveyed in this exhibition are scenes heavy with mood and quiet tones creating a haunting quality to each scene. In the diptych, Olympia/ Peloponnes, the juxtapositions of tall twiggy trees stabbing through the dirty white snow on a slanted hillside, create a textural quality and a feeling heavy with their struggle. It is as if under all the twisted trees and dead flora a mystery awaits to be unearthed. Another photograph in the exhibit titled Tremmen/ Ketzin is a very successful image in regards to the artist’s intent. In this scene fruit trees are organized in plowed rows with irrigation tubes snaking through the dirt. The limbs of the tress shoot up into the air, bearing clusters of red fruit and around one of the limbs is a white band or tag, declaring it to be owned. Here is where Gehrke executes his message in a captivating image with his authority of simplicity and subtlety.

Gehrke has put forth a notable first show and Kris Graves demonstrates a respectable attempt to curate these pieces. Each photograph is technically striking and will have the viewer enchanted for an afternoon of quiet contemplation in the eerie forests and landscapes of Forst.

Andreas Gehrke

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