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Bruno Cals
Bruno Cals, “Palmerno 02”

At the 1500 gallery Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals’ interesting show on the horizon is on view for the month. His very large color prints possess an easy geometry with a decided tendency towards the symmetrical. Most are executed with the crisp and cool elegance one associates with architectural photography, although occasionally an image such as Hermes is intriguingly ambiguous. Often viewed from below so that the horizon is above us, the pictures are all actually shots of the facades of building, the change of perspective changing the meaning of the architectural elements. His preferred light is soft and shadowless, providing a neutral atmosphere in which to contemplate his clean, empty spaces. Overall the work has some of the feel of Michael Kenna’s work without that photographer’s brooding, subterranean intensity.

Although many of Cal’s images are a bit too familiar, there are hints of a more interesting vision waiting in the wings. All in all a photographer worth watching.

Bruno Cals

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Saturday, July 31, 2010
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