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Horst Ademeit
White Room #1
Reviewer #1
Horst Ademeit, Untitled, 2003

This collection of polaroid photographs should be viewed in relation to a video about the artist produced by Michael Bauer and Marcus Werner Hed. Produced over a twenty year period the photographs, which are generally surrounded by extensive notes, were produced by an obsessive-cumpulsive man with some delusional thinking, who was documenting the presence of “cold-rays” in his Dusseldorf apartment and neighborhood. From the video we learn that after being evicted by his landlord from his long term apartment, a psychiatrist found several bags of these photos being readied for the dumpster. With the ghost of Henry Darger hovering over the scene, Horst Ademeit was discovered by the art world.

Unfortunately Herr Ademeit lacked any hidden talents. The images in the photos consist of seemingly random sources of “cold rays”, mainly construction sites, trash heaps and disruptions in the sidewalks. The exception are a series of table-top scenes of Die Bild, laid open, usually including the “seite eins” girlie picture, along with various compasses and measuring instruments. All the polaroids are surrounded by extensive notes, and not giving any aesthetic boost to the whole project, the images are all slowly self-digesting in their old-polaroid juices.

There is a certain fascination with all this of course, but just as it’s nice to talk with your local neighborhood crazy guy for a minute or two now and then, at a certain point you begin to think, gee, I should really be moving along to the next gallery.

Horst Ademeit
White Room #1

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