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Jim Marshall and Timothy White
Match Prints
Jim Marshall, “Jim Morrison”, 1968

How did two well-known music and celebrity photographers—friends for 20 years and with a 20-year age difference—approach similar subjects? “Match Prints” has the answers and you will be amused and amazed by the creative similarities and differences between the work of rock photo star Jim Marshall and celebrity shooter Timothy White. This exhibition, which stemmed from the book they produced by the same name, reflects their close friendship over the years and reveals how they often used the same pose, style or composition even though their so-called “match prints” were often taken many years apart.

For example, Marshall’s 1968 photo of Jim Morrisson puffing on a cigarette is almost mirrored by White’s 1988 photo of Robert Mitchum smoking. Marshall captures Johnny Cash defiantly holding up his middle finger at the legendary San Quentin State Prison Concert in 1969—White shoots Elizabeth Taylor uncharacteristically showing her finger to the world in 2001. A little strange or even spooky are the images of John Lennon by Marshal and the one of his son Julian Lennon taken by White, both sitting pensively in remarkably similar poses except they were done 20 years apart. Another particularly remarkable match is White’s photograph of Shirley MacLaine holding a pocket mirror in 1991 and Marshall’s 1963 photo of Shelley Winters looking at her face in a small mirror.

Some matches didn’t compare, but they were revealing in their own way. Marshall photographs Woody Allen in 1963 in a fetal position while White pictures Allen standing on his Manhattan terrace 31 years later, seemingly a man of the world. This was no nebbish.

Many of the images in this exhibition are, for the most part, strong, revealing environmental portraits of complex personalities. All are worth a visit.

 by unidentified photographer.
Timothy White, “Robert Mitchum”, 1988

Jim Marshall and Timothy White
Match Prints

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