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Silverstein Photography Annual
Reviewer #1
Dana Miller, Untitled (Inwood)

The Silverstein Photography Annual asks 10 curators to each select an interesting new artist who uses photography in his or her work. It is not surprising then that there is a widely disparate range of work, and that the predilections of any one reviewer are just as idiosyncratic. That said, the show turns out to be just a bit tedious. Many of the photographers pursuing well worn paths of the contemporary art photography market. Portraits of the dazed or dispirited are the most prominent here, even though it’s really not that hard to make people look weird in photographs.

The two standouts for me were Dana Miller, with a small set of photographs of the outskirts of New York City, scenes connected with the ends of various subway lines. And Bahar Behbahani, an Iranian born artist, who has a series of triptychs called “Suspended.” The triptych presented here is of the artist suspended feet first from a backyard arbor. the slightly long exposures result in images that seem to show her spinning, or being encased by her loosely draped clothing into a cocoon. The impression is that this is part of some esoteric religious practice, although other more nefarious scenarios are possible. That these are self portraits, and part of a series of suspensions in other locals, adds another level of complexity to the images.

 by unidentified photographer.
Bahar Behbahani, Passing (from “Suspended” series), 2007

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