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Burning Desire
Reviewer #1
Marina Berio, “Through and Not, 63”.

This is a clever group show that showcases 9 artists that do not necessarily share as much of an interest in ‘desire’ as they do in ‘burning’.

Although not exclusively a photography exhibit, some of the more interesting pieces are photography derived. Marina Berio makes large charcoal drawings based on projected photo negatives of scenes photographed from moving cars. (The ‘burn’ here is really the overexposure of the negatives.) The drawings are not as much a recreation of a scene, as they are an evocation of the film negative itself. Davide Cantoni uses newspaper photographs as the source for his larger, burned paper drawings (he uses a magnifying glass and the sun.) The images retain their photographic quality although much of the ‘content’ of the drawing is either blank or burned away. Photographs are literally burned into the pieces by Stan Gaz. Described as reliquaries, they are glass vessels that have photographs inserted as they are being blown. The photos burn away in the heat and leave behind paper ash and a coating of silver on the inner surface.

 by unidentified photographer.
Caleb Charland, “Silhouette with Matches”.

There are some traditional photographers, with perhaps the most intriguing being Caleb Charland, who documents what seem to be private performance-art pieces. “Silhouette with Matches” shows the artist standing on a darkened lawn, back to the camera, lighting and throwing into the air scores of matches, creating his own personal pyrotechnic aura.

There are a few less interesting pieces in this show, but overall, ‘Burning Desire’ has the highest level of ingenuity per square foot to be seen in all of Chelsea.

Burning Desire

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Thursday, March 11 to
Saturday, May 1, 2010
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