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Yuichi Hibi
Greetings from... Shanghai
Untitled (Father and Son) by Yuichi Hibi. Source:
Yuichi Hibi, "Untitled (Father and Son)" 2007

The dozen or so photographs on view at L. Parker Stephenson Photographs by Japanese born photographer Yuichi Hibi are grey and hazy, lending the images a sense of the past. Hibi, who lives in New York, went to Shanghai to attend an opening of his photographs at The Art labor Gallery and spent a week exploring the streets, alleyways and interiors of the older neighborhoods in Shanghai. He eschews the new construction in evidence all over Shanghai.

The images are printed on expired photo paper, which gives them a vintage feel almost as if the photographer had found these photographs in an old trunk from the 1940’s. In many of the images the technique yields a heightened sense of mystery and atmosphere. A grand sense of the older China comes seeping through.

Yuichi Hibi
Greetings from... Shanghai

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