New York Photo Review
Volume 4 Issue 34 September 10 to 16, 2013

The Genetic Wars by Barbara Confino

New Season New Shows New Places

Photo by Joseph Breitenbach . Source: NYPR_REVS/NYPR_REV3242.htmlJoseph Breitenbach, "The Mechanic, New York" c. 1946-9

The new season is upon us and a quick look at the NYPR Listings page will show you that the photography world is already in high gear — there are at least 80 photography exhibitions that have just opened, or will open, in the next few days. (The NYPR does have the most comprehensive listings anywhere.) Two of the three giants of the photography world in New York will be running at full steam by the end of the week. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has just opened a new show of Julia Margaret Cameron, you can read R.Wayne Parsons’ review of that show <here>. While in the contemporary galleries, work by Dan Graham, William Eggleston, Stephan Shore and Nan Goldin all contemplate the wonders of the ordinary in a show called “Everyday Epiphanies” <reviewed here>. In Midtown, MoMA goes with the classics in a show of Walker Evans; with the new, in “XL:19 New Acquisitions in Photography” and with the even newer with “New Photography 2013.” (We will have an even newer review of that show next week!) Meanwhile, the third giant, the International Center of Photography, is revving up for not one, but two full shows featuring the work of early documantarian Lewis Hine, which will open in the first week of October.

Photo by Anna Ostroya . Source:  Anna Ostroya, "Lee No.1" 2013

In the uptown and midtown galleries shows of the early photographic work of Robert Rauschenberg at Pace/MacGill, the abstract photographs of the Josef Breitenbach, at Gitterman Gallery, and Robert Polidori’s wanderings at Versaille at Mary Boone Gallery stand out as the backbone of a substantial 57th St. gallery crawl.

Photo by Eikoh Hosoe . Source:  Eikoh Hosoe

The dozens of shows opening in Chelsea cover the expected range from the well established — Eikoh Hosoe at Miyako Yoshinaga; Irving Penn at Pace on 25th St. and Edward Burtynsky at Bryce Wolkowitz — to artists making their New York debuts — I will be checking out ‘New Photography 2013” artist Annette Kelm, at Andrew Kreps, as well as the Indian “Darshan” photomontages by Manjari Sharma at Clampart. Better set aside a full day if you want to cover it all.

Photo by Marjari Sharma . Source:  Marjari Sharma, "Maa Laxmi"

The biggest change to the New York photography scene this year though is the mass build-up of new and established galleries in the Lower East Side. Attracted to the smaller, funkier and cheaper spaces available there, and generally showing younger and less traditionally ‘photographic’ work, the area is alive with excitement.

Photo by Christine Osinski . Source:  Christine Osinski, "Two Girls in Matching Outfits" 1983-4

This old Staten Island boy is looking forward to Christine Osinski’s homage to the island at Sasha Wolf on Orchard Street, to “Medicated” Richard Kern’s look at clinical depression (always a hoot!) at Feature Inc. on Allen St (near Rivington), “A History of Graph Paper”, by John Houck at On Stellar Rays (on Rivington) and finally to dumplings and beer (on almost every street corner!) I’ll see you at the galleries.

New Season New Shows New Places by Don Burmeister

Don Burmeister is the editor of the New York Photo Review.

Making Caribbean Dance by Susanna Sloat