New York Photo Review
Volume 4 Issue 8 February 19 to 26, 2013

The Genetic Wars by Barbara Confino

Halos of Light
Kenro Izu
India: Where Prayer Echoes
Mohammad Chowdhury
Mahabalipuram #695, Tamilnadu, India by Kenro Izu. Source:
Kenro Izu, "Mahabalipuram #695, Tamilnadu, India" 2012

Calm enters your mind as you view the black and white photographs in Kenro Izu's current exhibition, India: Where Prayers Echo. This is not the exotic and colorful India that the western world has become accustomed to. Izu brings us a more solemn aspect of the culture: the devout followers of the nation’s dominant religion, Hinduism. His platinum palladium prints present Hindu mandir (temples), sadhus (pilgrims who have denounced all their worldly possessions), worshippers, and the beautiful landscape.

Izu's mastery of the classic platinum process allows for a rich contrast between dark and light areas. Halos of light around the mandirs could be beacons from the gods and goddesses. In most prints however, more muted tones predominate, conveying a somber air that echoes the religious experience of the worshippers themselves

Erola #460, Maharashtra, India by Kenro Izu. Source:
Kenro Izu, "Erola #460, Maharashtra, India" 2010

Each photograph is composed with simplicity, letting the subjects indulge in their religious experience, with the photographer himself removed, an observer behind the fourth wall. We get a photograph showing a monk sitting by a Bodhi tree in seeming contemplation as he stares off in the distance, unaware of Izu's presence. In another, we see a woman absorbed in prayer in a mandir hallway while the use of a one-point perspective composition draws the viewer into the scene.

We can see in the eyes and expressions of the sadhus and other worshippers a transcendent quality that comes from submission to religion. Izu's exhibit offers a promise of mental serenity and the sense of ascension.

India: Where Prayers Echo is a beautiful exhibit that transforms the viewing experience into a journey for inner peace.

Kenro Izu
India: Where Prayer Echoes

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