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Adam Golfer

Adam Golfer, part of the Dreamboats Collective, who exhibited as a group late last year, goes solo with kin*, a personal photographic series that chronicles his journey to Germany as a young man whose family directly endured the cruelty of the Holocaust.

Golfer’s aim in this series is to convey the story of the “kin” who grew up and live with the accounts of the Germans and the Jews. His subjects, like him, are in their early 20’s and have parents or grandparents who are the living epitomes to this horrendous time in human history. This younger generation is coming to grips with this legacy and hopes to achieve healing and understanding for the next.

The imagery is a mix of landscape and portraiture, but the common thread is the fragile tension created by the composition of angles, corners and colors. Even in the portraiture, people seem somewhat flattened, part of the larger geometry Golfer creates within the image. It harkens to historical tensions, yet the nature of these photos is quiet. In some ways this young photographer has captured the apprehensions of youth, mixed with their decisions to let go some of the tensions of the past, hopefully to move forward into a lighter future.

Adam Golfer

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