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Small Prints Show
reviewer #1

This has got to be the kindest and gentlest photography show in New York. A small-work show where all the inkjet prints are $100, it is a collection of digital images, produced by a group of young photographers who do not seem to suffer from any major dysfunctional tendencies. They do travel a lot and see some interesting sites, both here and abroad. There may be some troubles lurking on the edges, there is that odd crucifixion picture by Laura June Kirsch, but mostly these photographers are interested in color, juxtapositions of people and buildings and the landscape, and in mundane scenes sprinkled with not totally unexpected curiosities. In a way these pictures are the constant background hum of picture making today – well crafted, informed and open; and a refreshing contrast to the high-end pretentiousness of the Chelsea photo scene (yes I do mean you, Wolfgang Tillmans.)

Small Prints Show

109 Broadway
North Brooklyn         Map

240 461 6122

Friday, January 29 to
Monday, March 22, 2010
Hours: Fri-Mon, 12 to 6