The Genetic Wars by Barbara Confino


Who’s In and Who’s Out

“We worry about patrolling borders, we question how we can educate the public about new kinds of work…do we cross over without realizing it?” ––Corey Keller

Norman Borden

A Joel Sternfeld Retrospective

“Drifting through the gallery halls, accompanying the images, is a certain melancholy.”

Natasha Klimenko

Imitation of Life

“..these ephemeral models are then destroyed,leaving only the photograph as the residue of the sculptural forms.”

Angela Connor

MariBlanche Hannequin
Paris Walkabout Summer 2012

“Masked, veiled, covered from head to toe, these women manage to break free of the prison of their clothing to acknowledge her. Sometimes there is not even a trace of the face visible––just the inclination of the head wordlessly making contact. “

Barbara Confino

Alfredo Jaar in Berlin

“Jaar’s response to these realities of atrocity and apathy is to re-engage the audience, to strip through layers of indifference to re-ignite our humanness through empathy and responsibility.”

Evanna Folkenfolk

NYPR Critic Lights Up

Long time NY Photo Review critic Norm Borden finally shows us how it should be done with “Thank You For Smoking” opening this week at Soho Photo. Breathe easy, there’s is no smoking in the gallery.

Occupy AIPAD

And then, I saw it, — right at the entrance––before I could decide whether to turn left or keep going straight. It was an “Occupy Wall Street” exhibition on Park Avenue!

Norman Borden

AIPAD 2012

“The soldiers radiate a slightly dinged-up, bad-boy quality that reminded me, in spite of myself, of carefully roughed-up ad shoots for jeans by Levi or Diesel.”

Tim Connor

Looking Back at 2011

Ed Barnas’ Top Dozen for 2011

Ed Barnas

Looking Back at 2011

Vintage Top Five from 2011.

Norman Borden

Looking Back at 2011

War and Peace

R. Wayne Parsons

Looking Back at 2011

Seven Highlights from 2011

Barbara Confino

From the Editor’s Chair

Six Peak Artists from 2011

Don Burmeister

Another NY Photo Plus

“In case you were wondering, the King of Jordan was fully clothed....”

Norman Borden

PhotoSynthesis: Before Photography

“A gem of a show at the Morgan library is on display to remind us what was required to capture a likeness before the advent of the camera.”

Barbara Confino

PhotoSynthesis: Fashion and the Times

“the work and decade featured in the new ICP Bazaar show is less characterized by perversity than it is by parody and pastiche.”

Barbara Confino

Chelsea Photo Walkabout

This week the NYPR walks into the wilds of Chelsea to report on what’s happening in the photo world -- under and above the High Line. This week he makes it as far as West 22nd Street!

Don Burmeister

Black White Coney Island

“Stein’s book is like a Coney Island roller coaster; it has its ups and downs but is mostly a smooth ride.”

Norman Borden

Mid-Town Photo Walkabout

“By far the most interesting photographic experience of the afternoon was on the Times Square shuttle train.”

Barbara Confino

R. Wayne Parsons Interview

“The point is that much of what you see at Auschwitz looks very similar to what you see any other place. But these things have their significance solely by virtue of their story...”


Soho Photo 2011 to 1971

“Forty years ago, a couple of young New York Times photographers along with a few other photojournalists got tired of looking for a gallery to show their personal work and decided to start their own. “

Norman Borden

AIPAD Discoveries 2011

“All you need for AIPAD is time and if you’re in a buying mode, as a fair number of visitors there seem to have been, a checkbook.”

Norman Borden

Soth-Fink-Neshat-Saul at AIPAD 2011

“When all was said and done, those questions went mostly unanswered, but the audience had a good idea of where these artists came from...”

Norman Borden

Photography and Science

Can we now reverse the equation? Can the photographic children of the machine, remotely taken and at random intervals, claim the status of Art? Can the machine, therefore, like Marcel Duchamp, bestow value by virtue of its very being? “

Barbara Confino

Barbara Confino: Photo-Synthesis

Like the surrealists, Hopper was a visionary. Yet unlike them he did not turn away from what is in favor of what is imagined. The modern master of interior light and the interplay between interior and exterior spaces, Hopper revels in light both for its own sake and for its metaphorical implications. The relationship of light to that which is illuminated, be it a building, a woman, a gas pump is always central. At the heart of tangible reality lies something intangible: the human psyche, which permeates things, spaces, and light, as well as people.

Barbara Confino


“The biggest event of the photography collecting year is returning to the Armory this weekend...with 81 galleries from as far away as Beijing, Buenos Aires, Osaka, Jerusalem and Brooklyn.”

Reviewer #1


“But one thing most appropriate for, but absent, in this particular Arcadia are the words ‘Et in Arcadia ego.’...”

R. Wayne Parsons


“In the Society of X no one remained immune to the allure of the Games. ...”

Barbara Confino

Jay Maisel on NY Photo Galleries

“I go to a lot of galleries and it’s sort of like baseball because if I can hit .300, I’m incredibly happy, but seven out of ten shows are shit.”

Norman Borden

Family Album

“I don’t know who snapped the picture --- certainly no one with any real knowledge of photography, as there weren’t any in my family...”

R. Wayne Parsons

Photo-Essay #2

“In this theater of pubescent desire, the girl in the middle is center stage....”

Barbara Confino

Photo-Essay #1

There they are, so many lives, on the steps of a church in Guatemala. The soldier who is a full-blooded Mayan wears the uniform of those who will perpetuate the coming genocide. ...

Barbara Confino

The Artist is Present

“There is a word from the Yaghan language which is spoken in the southern most part of South America. The word is mamihlapinatapai. A word describing two people staring at each other while trying to say something, but unable to. No one knows who will initiate the conversation.”

Vicente Revilla

AIPAD 2010

“ I will not comment on the print you acquired from Lunn, but I will tell you that Lunn is a cheap, cunning, lying bastard....”

Norman Borden